Wednesday, November 14, 2007

define democracy

Democracy, to me, is everything a secular government stands for. In fact, democracy is the basis of current government, and is the least that is required of the ruling institution of a nation.

And speaking from a place where actual, real democracy is in full form, I must say, I am angered and sad and disappointed.

I am angered that we have left things as they are for as long as we have. I am angered at our apathy and our neglect that has allowed things to become as they are. I am angered by condescension -- the almost unimaginable stupidity that deems the people to be seen as scum enough to lie blatantly to.

I am sad that self-denial perpetuates itself to the uppermost level of our nation. That at the behest of defending one's mistakes, we portray ourselves as insolent, blind idiots to the rest of the world. I am sad that my generation does not care - that we are selfish and passive and ignorant, and that by all means, we chose to be this way.

I am disappointed that it had to come to this.

But most of all, I am embarrassed. Because when I speak of the need to protest for fair elections, my Australian friends find the idea beyond them. Because the idea of freedom of speech is alien to us. Because fear and ignorance are so inherent in the make-up of our nation, that when it comes our turn, we fail to speak up.

I am embarrassed, it seems, beyond words.

I currently reside in a country where policemen's secret conversations of scuttlebutting are revealed to the public.

The prime minister and his opposition are both fair dinkum to debate, discussion, and when occasion calls for it, yes, even ridicule (in the form of hilarious and hardly flattering caricatures).

Where constructive criticism -- or heck, criticism period -- is the order of the day.

Where self-deprecation is a means of self-expression, so it seems.

And to go from all this, which was once so alien to me, to go back to what is now so strange, so desolate, so burdensome and heartbreaking...

Call me melodramatic, but it seems almost too much to bear.

There is too much shame now, too much shame.

So when will we begin to open the doors for change?

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Fool me once.

This was appalling. To say the least.

And compare this to this feeble excuse of reporting:

Illegal gathering causes traffic chaos in city

Shame on you. You know who you are.


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Saturday, November 10, 2007

In honour

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, Most Kind:

Since I can't change the layout of this blog to suit the theme of the day (take note, Drogue Designs), I've decided that a tribute of sorts is apt.

May God reward those who fought the unprovoked tear gas, water cannons and police arrests to uphold justice and a better future for their children.



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