Friday, September 24, 2004

[this is what i wrote to a friend. i don't know why i did, but it felt right. like i was honest, for once. brutally so, but still. i guess when you are disturbed, punctuation just sucks.]

i feel lousy.

i feel lousy and selfish and awful. in other words, i feel horrible.ever felt like that sometimes?

i feel like that when i come home and i have to do things that i am not used to anymore, and i just feel terrible about feeling like that. like my home isn't home enough anymore. it's odd. i know.

i feel ugly and terrible inside. sorry. i just need to vent. thanks for reading this. considering the title was misleading, thanks for still reading.

in need of human contact,

[i guess that sums it up. i feel awful, and for once, stevie wonder isn't making me 'get jiggy wit it'. this is worrying, if you knew me.]

this has been a rant by Syazwina Saw at 12:03 pm