Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I sent this to my goody pal, Weili, aka Rangolando Milojah Radmayer (word games galore!). I was -- and still am -- in a Dahl-ish mood. Hence the ribbed sentence structure. I am also in the mood for Rooney. Good beats and cute lead singers make me happy.

Here are, as presented to you, my literary recommendations for the Bored and the Listless:-

i wanted to get this bridget jones-y novel, called my cup runneth over. but the humour was too bland. so i suppose i am the last person to turn to for advise on literature and cultivating a proper understanding on the topic, eh?

but i can make a suggestion: why not jane austen? all of her works at a go? i've read all except the mansfield park thing. i mean, her lang. is superb, and she WAS the founder of chick lit, you know. her work gives you nice tingles all over, they are so fluffy. and yet politically-motivated too, to a degree.

and yes, i am off lawrence (the d.h.). he sucks. i suggest dahl. he makes me laugh. and i am in the midst of 'to kill a mockingbird'. love scout. love jem. love atticus.

hate homework.

and then there's the a-list series. pretty expensive, but totally trashy. beats the gossip girl by a mile.

and then there's ella enchanted, the book. read it for the fifth time like i did, and savour the fact that we will never find a guy who can write as well as char can.

read 'charms for the easy life', if you have it. see how cute the guy is for sending the girl he loves all of his childhood treasures, splints of arrowheads and all. or if you can't just watch the movie on hallmark.

sigh. i am lovelorn and shallow. life can't get more inspiring [for literary aspirations]than this.

p.s:- dorian gray is sort of gay, I think. ignore him if you can't stomach a guy prettier than jude law (supposedly). do, however, read the taming of the shrew, as you like it, and the importance of being earnest. cute cute cute!!!


I blame kam, aka mandarin oranges for my bimbotics. Or bimbo moment. Whichever analogy you prefer.

this has been a rant by Syazwina Saw at 4:50 pm